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Welcome to the of the Texas Professional Healthcare Alliance, Inc. This is a restricted area accessible by login and password issued by the IPA. The is designed to administratively support the revenue operations of your practice and provide you a single point of data gathering and communication for matters related to the IPA

Contract Opportunities
Contract opportunities provide you a roster of healthcare services, managed care and network contracts your practice has access. This roster is the list of contracts you independently elect option to participate in through the IPA.

Expense Reduction Programs
Expense reduction services are those vendors the IPA has evaluated and approved, and who have agreed to provide your practice a discount on services or products purchased.

Patient Services
The leadership of the IPA recognizes that helping our members mean helping of physician’s patients. Not everyone has insurance, not everyone who has insurance has adequate coverage but yet need quality care. The IPA Patient Services provide resources you can extend to your patients such as vision discounts, pharmacy discount programs and other opportunities.




Stay timely on fees to maintain membership

and in-network status by completing an

ACH FORM and having your credit card or

banking account process your invoice.

Invoices will be sent and marked paid upon processing




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